L'Ingénue loves art


Soon to be featured at our pop-up shop, L'Ingénue are thrilled to introduce: 

Sonja Bajic

An illustrator and an artist, Sonja's architectural background is reflected in her love for maps that she draws on a daily basis. She also uses the stories she hears, writes or loves to create all kinds of drawings and illustrations.

Sonja was born and raised in Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) and while never leaving her street, her country changed four times. Today, Sonja works from Paris and has completed many projects such as 100daysofparis.com (for which she is searching for a publisher). 100daysofparis reflects the  life of Sonja and many ex-pats in Paris. You can see everything Sonja does at www.sonjabajic.com. Instagram is her happy place (@sonjabajic).

Photo by Lucia Calfapietra.